What can I expect at a typical appointment?

Every appointment will be 100% one-on-one with Becky, our Doctor of Physical Therapy. You can expect to spend 60-75 minutes at your initial evaluation, and 45-60 minutes at your follow up visits. Each session will include a combination of assessment, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education, and patient education on how to supplement treatment while at home.

How many visits will it take?

This will vary greatly from person to person, depending on what you’re being treated for, how long you’ve been dealing with the issue, and other factors that will play a role in your recovery. “Typically” you’ll see Becky one to two times per week in the beginning of your program, and taper down to once a week or every other week as you improve. You might expect treatment to last anywhere from two to eight weeks depending on the severity of the issue.

Do I need a referral from my Physician or Midwife?

NO! As of September 1st, you are now able to go straight to your Physical Therapist for up to 15 days of treatment! This saves you valuable time and money, as well as avoids unnecessary diagnostic testing and medications. The sooner you receive treatment for an injury or dysfunction, the faster you will get well! After we complete your initial evaluation, we will write up a Plan of Care and send it to the physician of your choice (typically your Family Doctor, OBGYN, or Midwife), so they can be up to date on your treatments.

What does “out of network” mean?

By being out of network with insurance companies, we are able to provide superior, one-on-one care that is unmatched by anyone else in the Metroplex. When you are an in-network Physical Therapist, you are greatly limited in what services you can provide based solely on what insurance will reimburse you for. Insurance puts a cap on how much money they will pay, and limits the amount of time you can spend with your patients.

By being out of network, Genesis PT & Wellness is able to spend one-on-one time with you each and every visit for the entirety of the visit, and provide the superior care and services you need to improve. This way, you can spend significantly less time attending therapy because you improve much more quickly. We work for PATIENTS not insurance companies!

We will provide you with a Super Bill after each visit that you can simply mail off to your insurance company for reimbursement for out-of-network benefits.

Is Genesis PT & Wellness only for women?

No! Although Becky sub-specializes in Women’s Health, she enjoys treating the whole family, men and children included!

She has an extensive background of training and education in orthopedics and manual therapy, and is passionate about treating those suffering from chronic pain and general orthopedic conditions and dysfunction.